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The Exceptional Curator

The Exceptional Curator

Move Past Challenges and Into Opportunities

What is/who is a curator?

  • One who evaluates
  • One who filters things out
  • One who chooses what is the best fit and representation
  • One who decides what works should be put front and center for display

An exceptional curator celebrates:

  • Creativity
  • The Unique
  • Authenticity
  • The Bold
  • Taking Risks

We are all the curators of our life ~ The question is at what level do we embrace and perform this most important role?

Curating from fear or authentic choice?

As The Curator of your life, do you want a life made up of a hodge-podge of what others chose for you? A life of fear or insecurity or playing small?  Is that a life you want to look back on and see that you have curated?


Do you want to see a life that has been exceptionally curated by your personal choice and design? From a place of authenticity & confidence, that celebrates your unique vision and creativity; fluid and flexible, open to moving and changing as it best serves that moment?

The Exceptional Curator is designed to support you through the exploration, discovery, and living of a more authentic and cohesive life both professionally and personally.

Through specialized content, coaching, and strategies we will support participants through:

Transcending Stagnation Frustration: 

  • Break a pattern of a failure to move forward. Shift toward progress and a “success” mindset

Moving from Thought to Action: 

  • The Planner BECOMES The Doer! For those who analyze too long and never seem to be able to “pull the trigger.”

The Breakdown of accomplishment and completion: 

  • The how and the why of breaking down our visions, projects, & goals to bring them to accomplishment and completion. Live and experience life by living your vision, not being overwhelmed by it. 

The Power of Prioritization:  

  • Determining activities of the highest impact, fulfillment, and meaning to support your life and career vision

Creating The Coach Voice within: 

  • Create the neutral/coach voice that is realistic, adaptable, and living in the present yet with awareness and foresight.
  • Find ways to allow your internal coach to “win” more negotiations in order to achieve their goals
  • Develop and utilize self-coaching techniques and strategies

Expanding Growth & Development:

  • If you are a self help and self improvement aficionado, take it to the next level by incorporating these tools

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We look forward to the opportunity of providing this workshop to you, your organization, and team.
All The Best,

Joel Davis, P.C.
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