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Stress Relief Negotiation

Stress Relief Negotiation

Learning to win the inner negotiation with your internal stress   

We are human, we all experience stress ~ the real question becomes how long we stay in or with the stress. This workshop's objective is to give you the awareness techniques to notice stress in it's early stages as it comes on and prepare you to win the inner negotiation to shift out of stress and back into your more desired and natural state of being. Certain times or stages in life can particularly invite us to experience heightened opportunities to move into stress.  This 4-part workshop is designed to arm you with the tools and strategies to win the negotiation with your internal stress.

Stress Overview and Exploration (Session 1)
This first session will explore stress, what it is and why it arrives.  We will challenge what it is there to tell us and what value it may serve and then begin to deconstruct it's service and disservice to our work and our life.

Stress Gets Personal (Session 2)
We will begin to look at how stress affects you and your life.  We will reflect on times and situations where you recall stress, challenging out  the value and the detractors and negatives that came with that stress.  We will begin to consider if other ways of feeling/being could have possibly better served us and those we are surrounded by and support.

Negotiating The Shift (Session 3)
We will work to develop and hone those questions to personally negotiate out of our stress and return to our more natural and desired state of being.  This will be both a group and individual practice, you will walk away with challenging questions to begin to practice your successful negotiation with stress.

Honing and Cementing The Practice (Session 4)
As with all things, practice makes progress.  We will work as a group and individually to strengthening your negotiating questions and their success.  We will each leave with our individualized stress negotiation toolkits to revisit and build upon when and as needed.

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