Client Feedback

Going through a divorce was hard at times, my weaknesses and fears were exposed. Joel always created a safe space for the work that needed to be done. Near or far Joel is my option and recommendation to all my clients, staff and family.

Deidre B.

I came to work with Joel because I was feeling frantic trying to keep up with my roles of full-time systems engineer, wife and mom to a pre-schooler. My role at work was expanding, I wasn't taking care of myself physically, I couldn't be in all the places I felt I needed to be and I just continued to try to run faster and faster to make it all work.

Besides Joel's wonderful insight and helpful coaching style, the biggest gift I gave myself was the TIME to sit and do the work to think about what I really want and what choices I need to make to get there.

I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of time and a great coach (Joel) to help you hone in on what is important to you and how to get there.

Patti S.

My coach carefully guided me in discovering my best self and allowing her to shine, imperfections and all. He strongly encouraged me to avoid trying to fit myself into passionless, ill-fitting roles, but rather to live each day with an authentic touch, one that allows me the freedom to discover my near perfect niche in this world. After all, I am not for everybody or everything. These have been the greatest bits of wisdom that I have been able to take with me from my awesome professional coaching experience.



I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Joel and can highly recommend his services as a professional coach. He builds incredible trust, is highly skilled and I have seen great results in my life as a result of his coaching. I’ve worked with coaches for years and he is amongst the best I have experienced.

Author, Professional Speaker, and Entrepreneur ~

After fighting a long health battle I was informed that my career of 18 years was in jeopardy. It was with the support of Joel’s coaching services that I successfully navigated this difficult and overwhelming time in my life. What I thought would be one of the worst times of my lives turned out to truly be one of my best, I found strength I did not know or remember I possessed.

Allison R.

Thank you Joel for all your support through my career transition. My family and I are extremely grateful. You are truly the best at what you do!

Brett D.

Joel has a clear passion for helping others. It comes to him naturally which leaves you feeling supported and not critiqued. He believes in doing what is right for everyone involved because that leads to other positive actions. There is no judgement as he leads a conversation with confidence. He asks leading questions that have no preset answer. This allows you to work through your journey in your own natural way. He is able to keep you moving forward and not start spinning but not rushed. I feel like our time spent together is positive and I leave feeling accomplished even if there is more work to be done.

Megan B.

Joel supported my wife and I through our separation. It was a painful time where I was learning of painful events, Joel’s professional handling of the situation was top notch, I just can’t express what a true pro he was in navigating us through those conversations.

Craig D.

Joel is easily the most gifted communicator I've met. He has a talent for creating clarity through questions in a way that is genuine and full of empathy, he creates an environment that is safe for folks. It's an environment where you feel comfortable sharing your pain, conflict, and challenges.

Michael H.