Rates and Plans

It is of high importance to me that those who believe they can benefit from my coaching services are able to do so. I have made a commitment to keeping my personal coaching rates affordable and adjustable for most any budget.

Duration of Coaching / # of Sessions:

Each client experience is unique.  I work with clients from as little as a single session (support through a project or challenging situation) to clients that I have supported each and every week for several years.  There is no right or wrong answer, we will work together to find the appropriate level and duration of support for you.

All that said, a traditional/typical coaching engagement is 3 - 6 months:

Month 1: 

  • Coaching 1x per week
    • One 2 hour foundational session
    • Three 1 hour sessions weekly following

Month 2 and on:

  • Every-other week (2x per month)

Once you accomplish your aspiration for coaching and/or feel on a good path, it is common for my clients to schedule intermittent coaching sessions throughout the year and/or as needed

Let’s imagine for a moment all that you could accomplish and the life you could lead with the support of a coach by your side. Consider all the many other places that you may invest your time and money, and then consider an investment in your overall success and happiness.

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Why is a commitment important?

State Effect vs. Trait Effect

I too in my past have attended courses and seminars around self empowerment, help and betterment. And I have heard from many of you the same result and effect I’ve typically found. You leave all pumped up, empowered, ready to change, ready to take the world and your dreams by the horns. A few days go bye and you still possess some fire, but it’s clearly dimmed.

A few weeks and you’re wondering where it went and you’re trying to remember how to regain that fire, a year later and you recall very little about even attending, let alone the ability to harness empowerment and change. Why is this?  It's simply the difference between a state effect and a trait effect.

A state effect is something we experience while we are in a certain state. These moments can be inspiring, empowering, touching, and they occasional bring action, though often short lived. But they are just that, moments, that then become memories, and as most memories they fade over time. These state effects are surface experiences in comparison to our complex make ups. So as we walk out of our seminars, courses, or away from our books and step out into our worlds, we attempt to wrap our self up in this state effect. But as our typical and untypical days wash over us, our surface state effect we’ve attempted to wrap our self in is eventually swept away, usually within days.

A trait effect on the other hand is something that IS and BECOMES a part of YOU and who you are. It is intricately woven into your complex makeup and is respected on both the conscious mind and beyond conscious mind levels. It is through your work that I will support you in discovering, and creating your authentic and desired traits while incorporating them into the complexity of you.

I look forward to the opportunity of support you in this way!