Interviews & Insights

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[Download] Tracy P. Interview
In this interview, Tracy talks about the coaching experience and how it helped her make peace with her "firing" from her last full-time employer and her transition into her current life of free-lancing, trusting the unfolding of her life.
[Download] Aubree S. Interview
In this interview Aubree shares with us her journey and awareness around developing a vision for her life and career which includes her important learning of separating what others want for us vs. what we truly want. "Yes, it is a promotion, but would I enjoy the work? Would this be a good application of my gifts, talents, & interests? Will the work bring me fullfillment?" These are all questions Aubree learned were very important to consider vs. just climbing that proverbial corporate ladder because that is what you are supposed to do right? Not so for Aubree anymore as you will hear in this interview.